Part A: 300-words total: 150-words each question 1. Use your

Part A: 300-words total: 150-words each question

1. Use your subscription to the Wall Street Journal to conduct research on innovation. Select an example of an innovative process that has resulted in significant change in your industry. What factors contributed to the success? Be specific. 

2. Develop three strategies to promote productive, innovative practices. How would such strategies cater to innovative engagement and the development of new ideas? 

Part B: 700-words Bank of America (organization)

The most important assets of an organization are its employees. Given the right opportunities and structure, employees will be empowered to transform an organization. Entrepreneurship allows organizations to grow, compete, and retain employees.

Using the organization, create a strategic employee innovation plan to support you in strategizing the implementation and fostering of innovative thinking across the organization. address the following questions in your plan:

  1. 1.What strategies would need to be incorporated within the organization to promote innovative practices?
  2. 2.How will you embed intrapreneurship competency into the organization?
  3. 3.How will you identify the intrapreneurs within the organization?
  4. 4.How will intrapreneurs be supported and encouraged? How will you foster a climate of innovative learning and development?
  5. 5.How will you know when your employees become more innovative and that your strategies have been successfully implemented?

Prepare to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide; Include references

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