Part 1: Security Threats Provide an example of at least


Part 1: Security Threats

  • Provide an example of at least one security threat.  This can be an  actual threat to an organization.  It can be an example of a “what-if”  scenario.  Discuss at least one way that this threat could have been  minimized or prevented. 

Phishing is one example of a security threat to pretty much anyone.  Phishing is where a message, usually an email or text, is sent to you  and it may look like a legitimate company/bank reaching out to you.  These messages usually include a link, and these links can have malware  embedded in them. They may also be asking for personal information.   (Borges, 2021)

To minimize/prevent this threat include changing passwords regularly,  not clicking on suspicious links, and installing firewalls. (Simister,  2021)

Part 2: Mobile devices

  • Compare desktops to laptops, tablets, and smartphones using best  practices related to security. Discuss the best practices that you use  or plan to implement on your mobile device(s).

Desktops tend to be more secure compared to mobile devices (tablets,  smartphones, laptops, etc.) because of their stationary position making  them easier to guard, and also because they tend to be on one source of  the internet (rather it be Wi-Fi or cable). (Editor, 2019)

The practices I use to protect the security of my mobile devices is  to keep software updated, I keep fingerprint/code locks on my phone, and  try to avoid any unsecured networks. 


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