Part 1

  • Read “Whistler Ski Resort Project” on pages 202-203.
  • Create a table (using Table 6.1 on page 175 as your guide) that lists the activity,
    description, and preceding activities (required before the activity can start) for this
  • Using the Figure 6.4 on page 76 as a guide, create an activity-on-node (AON) project
    network for the project.
  • After you complete your network, use a different color arrow/line to identify the
    critical path.
    Note – You do not need to identify forward and backward passes or identified slack time for this assignment; simply create a completed network of activities like Figure 6.4.
    Part 2
    Briefly (250 words minimum) describe your choice of the critical path. Why are the non- critical activities not on the path? What impact would eliminating these activities from the plan have on the overall project?

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