Part 1: Look for popular press articles that discuss the

 Part 1:

Look for popular press articles that discuss the advertising of products/services.  In your post, summarize the article and then discuss which principle(s) of marketing are illustrated by it.  Please include a link to the article. please find below examples for reference(Don’t copy paste the same examples)

Example 1:

In early November, Zoom announced the roll out of 2 new tools designed to facilitate hybrid work. The first of these products is Zoom Mail and Calendar. Zoom Mail and Calendar is designed to integrate popular email and calendar services directly with the Zoom app so that users will not need to toggle between the Zoom app and calendar and mail apps. This is meant to enable employees to be more efficient by eliminating the time it takes to switch between the apps. The second new product is Zoom Spots, which is a virtual coworking space that is meant to open the doors to more fluid discussions among employees, similar to what would be seen in face to face working environments. 

The CEO and CPO of Zoom promoted these products by emphasizing the importance of happiness in work, as well as evolving to meet the needs of hybrid work now and in the future. Additionally, it has been made clear that the place for these products will be virtual on the Zoom platform, as these products are centered around hybrid working. Although no price has been mentioned, I believe that these capabilities will be readily available to subscribers of the Zoom app. These products also meet the 5cs since it is clear that the customers and company were both accounted for, while keeping Zoom on the cutting edge of innovation ahead of their competition. However, nothing has been mentioned about the latter two of the 5cs.

Example 2:

I remember this commercial that Hulu played every single commercial break a few years ago. It featured Oprah talking about how much she loves bread and how she still managed to lose 26 pounds with Weight Watchers while not cutting out something that she loves.

The ad was simple, to the point, and most importantly memorable enough that I clearly remember what the intended message was years later. The ad highlighted several things we learned about advertising this week. It followed AIDA: captured your Attention, pique Interest, made consumers Desire the product, and probably got a lot of consumers to Act and try Weight Watchers for themselves. It was a one-sided cognitive ad that had a drama element that focused on the product’s benefits of being able to achieve your goal of losing weight without having to sacrifice something you love, in this case bread, and was extremely memorable. It was also an endorsement ad from a celebrity that many people can relate to and find credible since she has been vocal about her weight struggles for years.

Part 2:

Please write Comments on example 1 and example 2(1 paragraph each)

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