Overview: This assignment requires students to write a piece of

Overview: This assignment requires students to write a piece of self-reflection on their learning of doing an in-class case analysis activity. It counts 30% of final grade of this course. Group presentation of the case analysis is in week 7 (The activity also meets course learning outcome 5). The group activity itself will NOT be assessed, but how students engaged in the work will be i.e. self-reflection.  During the session, there will be organized debrief and review following from the case analysis. It serves as a guide to inform students of what to write in their assignment. The proposed focus of the writing is that students are to reflect and pick top 3 factors that contribute to quality of the activity completing. Through this exercise, students are expected to –           pay more attention to their internal logical thinking flow-           (start to) gain an awareness of their own learning process –           and hence focus on self-development areas identified through the programme learning period.  Submission: Submit the report via Learn portal by 2pm on 19th Nov, 2021. Relevant university and school policy on late submission applies. Assessed areas:Assessment criteria of this reflection is largely based on how clearly the following areas are discussed and presented: 

  1. Statement of the 3 factors identified; 
  2. How well are these factors elaborated to demonstrate their key contribution to the task completion; 
  3. How do students perceive the value of this learning experience to self-development? 
  4. What actions or plans do you have to improve your learning outcomes in future?

No reference is required for this assignment.  Self-reflective questions that may help you to organise your writing:Below is a set of prompting questions that can help you to structure and organise the content of your reflection report. Please note that this ONLY serves as a guide, so you should plan your content that best reflects and presents your OWN learning experience. 

  • Describe your role in the group work. To what extent did you feel you contributed to the quality completion of your group work?
  • Reflecting on descriptions you provided, what (top three) factors do you think that mostly helped you to effectively carry out the work? What skills and capabilities associated to the above areas have you gained/developed/enhanced through the process of this group work?
  • To what extent have you identified your learning styles/preferences/habits? How important or helpful do you think this learning experience is to your self-development? 
  • How do you plan to utilise your learning and reflection to your future study? Please list/describe your intended actions.

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