Open  the Project Libre file with activity durations and predecessors


 Open  the Project Libre file with activity durations and predecessors that  you created. Click on “view” and “resource” in order to  navigate to the resource sheet. Once in the resource sheet, enter all  resources that you intend to use in your project. Populate the entire  row for each resource including cost per resource and calendar. If you  are unsure about the values, provide an estimate.   you may find that you need to adjust some resource values. This is  acceptable as project planning is an iterative activity). 

In your project scenario, you assigned resources to your activities. Create a report summarizing: (1 page)

  1. The source of your resources (from where, would you acquire      them?)
  2. Resource costs: How did you determine the cost of the      resources?
  3. Resource conflict: Do you have sufficient resources to      get the job done, or do you observe potential resource conflict? If so,      how do you intend to resolve them?  

Examine  each activity in your project schedule and attach a name from the list  of resource names from your resource sheet. Ensure that all activities  in your project are resourced. Upon completion, your Project Libre file  should look similar to the resourced office relocation project example,  as follows:

Office Relocation Example_resource_assignments.pod

After  assigning resources, click on “View” and “Resource” usage. Examine the  tabular report of resource utilization and cost. Further, return to the  Gantt view and click on the “Resource Histogram” tab in the upper  right-hand corner of the Project Libre display.

Prepare a one page report answering the following questions:

  1. Are any of your assigned resources “over-utilized”? If so, which ones, and why?
  2. What, if any are the cost implications of your resource assignments?
  3. Now  that you have viewed the resource report, would you make any changes to  your resource assignment? If so, what would you change? If you would  not make changes, explain your rationale.

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