Mr. Parker, a 30 year veteran principal at All Ages School in Midtown USA is evaluating teachers and notices that one of his teachers is particularly affectionate with her students and hugs and touches them often, and another is particularly brazen and often ridicules them. He has had parents complain in the past about both of these teachers, but the students like them and most of the parents speak highly of both of the teachers. Answer the following with regard to this scenario:

  1. What is the best response for the principal with regards to the professional development of these teachers individually?
  2. What are the possible liabilities of these teachers and their methods?
  3. How can the actions and methods of these teachers be realized in professional development for all of the principals staff members?
  4. How can the principal use best practices to address this issue with his staff and with the parents. 
  5. At least two reference. 

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