Module 05 Content Module 05 Course Project – RFP Part


Module 05 Content

  1. Module 05 Course Project – RFP Part V
    Working off the same Request for Proposal.docx, continue to use your imagination and the fictional website hosting service provider you previously created to complete the following sections of the RFP Response Template.docx that you were developing in the previous week.

    Request for Proposal.docx

    RFP Response Template.docxWith this fictional business in mind complete the following sections of RFP Response Template:

    • Section 4.5.1: Include the services needed as a response to this RFP, then add in service offerings for Credit Card transaction services.
    • Section 4.5.2: Include bulk service discounts for the cloud-service provider of your choosing. Be sure to address web application development and credit card transaction services.
    • Section 4.5.3: Include information about how your fictional organization is consistently growing and as such, the price points for services do change year over year. Draft a paragraph including how these cost savings are evaluated quarterly, and any cost savings are passed to the customers as a credit for services annually.
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