Literature Review Assignments (Week’s: 13,14,15,16): The purpose of the Literature Review assignments is for the student to synthesize the article abstract information from Residency and write a literature review section with corresponding sections such as References and Definition of Terms.

 The following assignments will be due as follows:

Week 13: Literature Review Section – Rough Draft due by the Sunday due date

Week 14: Literature Review Section – Final Version due by the Sunday due date

Week 15: References Section for the Literature Review – Assignment due by the Sunday due date

Week 16 (Short Week): Definition of Terms – Assignment due by the Tuesday due date

Literature Review Section/Assignments Details:

Review the UC Graduate School Dissertation Handbook, specically Appendix A

Minimum of 8 pages in length

Times New Roman Font, 12 point Font Size


Proper APA Headings: Level’s 1, 2, and 3 (if appropriate) headings (See APA Manual)

Proper in-text citations from all eight (8) article abstracts which all must be properly cited in the References section of the paper (See APA Manual)

Proper APA formatted References section – must contain a minimum of eight (8) current (published within the past five (5) years) peer-reviewed journal articles which were cited in the body of the paper (See APA Manual)

Must use peer-reviewed journal articles: For this assignment, students must use current peer-reviewed journal articles. Blogs, Wikipedia, websites, books, textbooks, etc. are NOT acceptable sources.

Submission Instructions:

1. Complete the draft of the Literature Review providing all of the “Details” noted above.

2. Submit the draft Literature Review by the Sunday due date.

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