Lesson planning is the most important task that teachers do,


Lesson planning is the most important task that teachers do, and there are many things to consider and decisions to make when planning a lesson to teach. Before a teacher actually completes a lesson plan, there are some pre-planning items to consider and factor in to try to avoid being underprepared for a lesson.

Include all of the following pre-planning items and their purpose in the instructional planning process:

  • Curriculum/standards
  • Goals/objectives
  • Student contextual factors (e.g., cultural experiences, prior knowledge, and skills)
  • Measuring student learning
  • Learning environment and lesson location

Create a 1-page infographic that depicts the relationship between instructional planning and the pre-planning items a teacher should consider while preparing to create a lesson plan.

Include a description of each item, the importance and role each plays in effective pre-planning.

*Depending on your comfort level in creating graphical layouts, use 1 or more of the following tools to create the infographic:

  • Google Slides®
  • Canva®
  • Microsoft PowerPoint®
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