Intro: Prepare a marketing plan for H&M clothing as they

 Intro: Prepare a marketing plan for H&M clothing as they enter the new foreign emerging market of Cambodia. You are expected to justify your decision to use academic and research-based information and references to support your arguments and write a report with an academic tone of voice and writing style. (Roughly 15 cited academic sources)

The plan should cover the three-year period to May 2025 and the list of elements included in the plan is illustrated below:

· A brief overview of the brand

· Analyse the current market and the industry environment

Content of the plan

· The selection of the market to entry

· Customer segmentation, targeting, and positioning in the chosen market

· International marketing mix

· Branding strategies


1). Introduction: Brief Summary

2). Selection for Market Entry: Describe market and reasoning / strategy for choosing to enter this market

3). Market Analysis: Analyze the market covering the socio cultural environment and other important elements of the sector

4). STP (Segmentation, Targeting Positioning): Discuss strategies for STP

5). Marketing Mix (Product, price, place, promotion): Pick and discuss the most important elements of marketing mix to talk about. (Only 2-3 necessary), cover brand strategy here

6). Conclusion: Conclude with recommended plan of action for the company plus potential drawbacks/ barriers of entry you have found.

Criteria for grading:

Strong organisation and coherence clearly enhance the work.

Well-developed writing style, appropriate to assignment, which enhances the argument. Grammar and spelling are accurate.

Demonstrates a comprehensive, detailed and in-depth knowledge base, the capacity to integrate theoretical and substantive knowledge.

Demonstrates broad and/or in-depth independent reading from appropriate sources. Choice of sources enhances the fulfilment of the assignment objectives. Clear, accurate, systematic application of material with developed and/or integrated critical appraisal.

Conclusions are well developed and show some originality. The recommendations reflect a strong understanding based on evidence and appropriate forms of applications 

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