Instructions: Choose a job announcement in your field that you


Instructions:  Choose a job announcement in your field that you locate online or learn about from a coworker and write a cover letter.   Effective and ineffective cover letters are included in Chapter 16, and it is necessary for you to study the structure of these letters.   

You may use a block letter format or a modified block letter format.  Refer to examples as you write your letter.  Also, create a letterhead to give your letter a more professional appearance.

The letter should have three to four paragraphs:
First paragraph, tell how you learned of the position and why you want it.  Don’t use the word “love” in your letters.  Instead, use “like,” “enjoy,” etc.
Second/Third paragraphs, highlight your qualifications for the job.
Third paragraph, provide contact information, request an interview, and express appreciation for considering you for the job.

The cover letter is your request for an interview, and you want it to mention your qualifications for the job in which you are applying. 

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