In what way has the situation of the Australian aborigines changed

The work to be done can be divided into three different parts:

1. Culture Studies/Research The very first thing to do is to look at the goals above and then choose a subject that you find interesting. Secondly, you should narrow things down a bit, formulating a question/problem that you want to find the answer to. Thirdly, you do research about this particular subject compiling information in order to answer the question. You should use different kinds of sources and examine these critically.

2. Presentation and tutoring The next step is to think about a way of sharing your knowledge/findings with others. 3. Report writing – Deadline Finally, you should put together a short report (approximately 8 pages, Time New Roman 12) in which you summarize your studies. As the time is limited, you will write a very short version of a report. Different guidelines on what to include in a report differs depending on the type of report/subject/discipline/faculty etc. A common feature, however, is that the report is a formal document broken into sections and subsections, each having a heading. In this particular case, you should use the model on the next page when writing your report. English 7 Report Writing – Guidelines (also use the PowerPoint) 1. Title page (the name of the report) 2. Contentpage

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