In this week’s unit lesson we have been discussing hazard

In this week’s unit lesson we have been discussing hazard analysis techniques.  As we are in a global health pandemic, many of you have likely been required to perform hazard assessments to identify potential sources for virus transmission within your workplace(Laboratory Corporation of America).  For this week’s discussion, please share your experiences with performing a hazard analysis to address this public health concern (i.e., what you did, did your plant shutdown, did they hire an outside consultant, type of hazard analysis tools, etc.).  If you are not currently employed or if you did not participate in a hazard analysis of your workplace, please share your thoughts on the things you feel should be considered when performing a hazard analysis of a place of business that is considered essential such as a grocery store.



During the beginning of the pandemic, I was concerned about the lack of information available. As information began to be more available and the sources became more confident in their analysis of the virus, I started wearing my mask outside of work and washing my hands more. I only went out to get food, gas or too work. I tried to keep at least fifteen feet away from people. I could not risk getting sick because my job as the lead surgical technician comes with a lot of responsibility. As some co-workers fell sick with the virus it made me clean and wipe things that I hade no idea were there or simply forgot.  That made me assess everyone that was in eyesight for cough, runny nose, raspy voice and frequent restroom breaks.  The job did not shut down. There were more PPE and safe guards implemented. The precautions that are in place for operating on covid positive people is extreme and will open your eyes if you don’t believe its real. SAFETY TRAINING really does work when implemented correctly. I have yet to contract the virus and hope I can continue to stay safe. Things to consider in any space out side of your home is face mask and hand hygene.

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