In my opinion,after seeing the title of the article "

In my opinion,after seeing the title of the article ” Yes we literally abolish the police” by Mariame Kaba, I realized that it is a very controversial issue and that it has left a great impact on society. Ms. Kaba is an organizer against criminalization, she wants to abolish the police and make changes. I do not agree with some things that Kaba wants to do for the police, like decreasing them. I believe that on the part of the police there must be a regime so that there is not so much discrimination and death. I agree with this evidence ” the only way to diminish police violence is to reduce contact between the public and the police” unless is really necessary but not using violence. Also, at times the police have to maintain order but without carrying death and violence. I disagree with this evidence “cut the number of police in half and cut their budget in half”. Police officers are also human and work to maintain their families and police risk their lives in two ways. First, they must work to protect society, and second if they don’t do their job they can be expelled. The article “How armed police officers on campus have become a ubiquitous part of American college life” by Angela Wright has some connections with the article of Mariame Kaba. Both articles refer to the aggressions of the police officers. In this article, Angela refers that the police are armed on a college campus and I think that we need to change the justice system and not only for those who have been mistreated but for the community and their own. 
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