Implementing an Enterprise System

Considering the prevalence of Enterprise Systems in the work place, it is likely that you will be involved with an Enterprise System implementation at some point in your career.  Implementations are large project, spanning multiple organizations and evolving over months and sometimes years.  Many resources are involved throughout the project lifecycle: experts and departmental representatives on the product recommendation committee; business analysts to assemble; review and re-engineer work processes; technical and business experts to define requirements and design the new system; Enterprise System administers to customize the system; training and technical writers to transition the staff to the new process.

The objective of this week’s Journal Entry is to give you a deeper dive into an Enterprise System and the work involved in implementing it.

  • Start by downloading the attached PPT file
  • Select one of the major Enterprise Systems that we studied in class:
    • Epic, EHR System (Healthcare)
    • SAP, ERP (ERP)
    • Oracle, Netsuite (SCM)
    • Salesforce (CRM)
    • Microsoft, Sharepoint (Enterprise Social Platform)
  • Find an article of video (30mins-60mins) that explains how to implement the product that you chose.  The article should describe the work to implement the system, not simply outline the benefits.  LinkedIn Learning and the enterprise system’s website are good places to look.
  • From the perspective of the IT Job that you selected in Journal Entry #1, describe the work that you would do to implement the Enterprise System
  • Complete the information on the PPT file you downloaded:
    • List the name of the Enterprise System
    • List the name of the IT Job that you are interested in
    • On the right-hand slide of the screen, provide link to the video or article that you found and embed a copy
    • On the second slide, describe the work that you would do to implement the Enterprise System
  • Open the Journal Entry. Copy the 2 PPT slides you created for this assignment and then paste them into the Journal Entry Template after the slides that you added last week.

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