• Think, write, and speak about literary texts critically and effectively.
  • Recognize a representative selection of literary works by major writers (including notable stylistic devices and features) representing a diversity of prominent historical and cultural traditions and issues.
  • Understand the biographical, historical, and cultural contexts of a representative selection of works by major writers. 
  • Identify the relationships among the literary works studied and the philosophical/religious and political/social/economic milieus of the cultures and subcultures within and among which they were written.


Submit a full draft (3-4 pages) of Literary Analysis 1. This draft is based on the outline you submitted in week 1 and on any feedback you received.


Overall Feedback

Hi Danielle, 

Consider rewatching the play to better understand the events. There are several points that are incorrect in your essay. 

Remember to capitalize first letters and italicize play titles. 

Beneatha wants to be a doctor. 

Awkward: “the body that was in charge…” write it out so we understand what you are talking about.

The Youngers have not yet moved. 

Beneatha is a girl. (So she is not “his brother”)

There are no police in this play. 


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