Identify and select a leader that they have access to

Identify and select a leader that they have access to and that they would identify as a servant leader. The student willinterview the leader to obtain the following information:

How do they get others committed to their vision or mission?

How do they react if they have an employee that is struggling in their work and not showing any progress? Do they thinkthat character can be taught?

After they achieved success, how did they avoid getting a “big head?”

A leader must mentor, but they also have to discipline from time to time. How do they balance these elements? What have theylearned, good and bad, from the leaders they have worked for in the past?

After completing the interview, the student must analyze the leader’s responses.  Was their own self-assessment accurate?  Are they truly a servantleader?

The student will synthesize the interview details and their analysis into a paper (5-7 page minimum).

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