1 paragraph and half answer these questions 

Prior to watching the documentary “Lake of Fire,” what were your views on abortion?

Were your views on abortion affected after watching the documentary? 

  • What information, argument and/or scenes from “Lake of Fire” challenged or reaffirmed your views on abortion? 
    • How did they challenge or reaffirm your views? 

What information, arguments and/or scenes from “Lake of Fire” impacted you the most?

  • How did they impact you? 
    • Did they open your eyes to something that you had never heard of  – or thought about – before?
    • Did they make you angry?
    • Something else?
  • Explain.

What did you learn from the documentary that you wish everyone knew? What would change if everyone knew it?

Did you enjoy the documentary “Lake of Fire”? Why/Why not?

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