Have you ever wondered why you approach work a certain


Have you ever wondered why you approach work a certain way while another person, who has the same salary and/or does the same job, seems to be motivated very differently? As an organizational consultant, familiarity with theories of work motivation, which are derived from years of behavioral science research, can help you to interpret employee behavior. Understanding the factors that motivate employees can help improve satisfaction levels within an organization, leading to increased performance and productivity.

Learning about work motivation is only one facet to understanding job satisfaction. In your role as a consultant, it is necessary to achieve a deeper understanding of employee behaviors. One way to do this is to analyze individual job attitudes and theories associated with job satisfaction.

In this Discussion, you will explore differences in workplace motivation and job satisfaction and then use theory to describe them both.

To prepare for this Discussion,

  • Select a work motivation theory and consider how it explains work motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Review the article “Job Attitudes, Job Satisfaction, and Job Affect: A Century of Continuity and Change.” Focus on job aspects that can influence motivation and how it is differentiated from job satisfaction.
  • Review the article “Attitudes: Satisfaction, Commitment and Involvement.” Focus on the various theories presented as well as the affective and situational aspects influencing motivation and job attitudes.
  • Read the article “Exploring Different Forms of Job (Dis)satisfaction and Their Relationship With Well-Being, Motivation, and Performance.” Identify any theories presented as well as the explanation of motivation in relation to job satisfaction.

By Day 5

Post a response to the following:  

Provide an explanation of how the constructs of work motivation and job satisfaction differ. Then describe the work motivation theory you selected and explain how the factors described in that theory might explain work motivation and job satisfaction.

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