Getting Started Product Development and Market Demand In the first


Getting Started

Product Development and Market Demand

In the first section of the consultant’s report, you determined and discussed the total market demand and the market share of some of the current competitors, and you discussed current price points. You also identified where, in the positioning matrix, the JGJ, Inc. offering should fit based on an unsatisfied need in the market.

After determining “where” in the market JGJ, Inc. will compete based on the positioning matrix, you will now determine “how” based on developing a specific offering that fits the selected segment as shown on the positioning matrix.

In this section of the consultant’s report, you will identify and describe the characteristics of the proposed offering that will make it fit the previously identified preferred segment of the market

You will be the creative genius in the project, coming up with what will be offered and designing the offering—all of the specifications and features necessary to make it different and successful. The offering you design must fit the parameters of the market segment as you defined it. In other words, if the target opening was in the high end, high personal touch part of the market, then you would need to design an offering that had those characteristics and not a low price option version with high levels of automation.

You will also need to determine the market demand in the desired segment so JGJ Inc. can determine if it can make a reasonable return on investment. You will need to fully analyze the market for current competitors and their demand, and indicate why your projected demand is accurate. You only need to make an objective forecast of demand for the recommended part of the market, and you will provide significant quantitative data to support your projection. You also need to describe the method of your analysis to determine the forecasted demand. You do not need to determine or comment on the required capital investment or the cost of producing or delivering the offering.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Create product development strategies and market demand estimates.
  • Assess the market structure to determine the crucial factors influencing the marketing strategy.



  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Construct a proposal to JGJ Inc. of 1000 words (+/- 50 words) using at least 4 credible and objective sources not provided as resources in the course in your analysis, plus at least one source provided in the course reading list.
  3. Use the titles in the (Market Analysis Report Template:;MKTG-530-01CFL/Market%20Analysis%20Report%20Template.docx?_&d2lSessionVal=FwuEcCiYq0WSn7hJsBtlxrbsq&ou=85064&_&d2lSessionVal=FwuEcCiYq0WSn7hJsBtlxrbsq&ou=85064&_&d2lSessionVal=S2XmqwLXaXRW6w5f1VqJmOY9N&ou=143793) to provide structure for the following four elements in your consultants’ report:
    1. Product Development
      1. Key differentiating characteristics of the offering
      2. Analysis of demand in the market
    2. Market Segment Demand
      1. Quantitative data used to determine projected demand
      2. Methodology used to determine demand
  4. Detailed Requirements:
    1. Product Development
      1. Fully describe the offering that fits the positioning from the prior proposal. You need to state the specifications, characteristics, and/or features of the offering which will differentiate it from other competitors. You should focus on what your product is, not what the competitive offerings are because that was covered in the prior section.
      2. Remember that these weekly sections form one larger consultant’s report. Each section must be internally consistent with other sections of the paper regarding where and how your proposed offering fits the identified opening in the market. If you find that your prior positioning was incorrect or not suitable, you are allowed 100 additional words in this section of the report as an introduction to state what is being changed and why it was changed
      3. Do not describe the product development process except as you describe the product. This means there is no introduction to or discussion of the theory of the product development process. You are writing a report to executives who understand the process so it does not need to be discussed. Your consultant’s report immediately discusses the proposed product and why it is being offered as designed. You should briefly discuss how the offering will be finalized if you believe your initial idea is not final.
    2. Market Segment Demand
      1. Provide a quantitative analysis to determine demand in the segment of the market that your proposed offering will fill. Your client does not want market demand for the entire industry or category; it only wants the demand for the segment that is being targeted. For example, a company introducing a new diet cola would not discuss the demand for all beverages, it would only discuss the demand for diet colas. This section of your report will be highly quantitative and multiple charts and graphs are likely to be helpful in conveying your data; one chart or graph is required. Your analysis can be in dollars or units sold but it must result in a specific forecasted demand in the same type of measurement.
      2. Include at least one chart or graph indicating the current and projected demand
      3. Fully describe the methodology used in determining demand including data sets used, statistics or modeling formulas applied to the datasets to forecast future demand and any changes or modifications made to the formulas and resulting numbers based on your interpretation of them (e.g., rounding, adjustments to trends).
  5. Cite your work per current APA standards, however, indenting of the references is not required due to the discussion board format. (See OCLS APA Writing Styles Guides:
  6. Post your initial proposal into the discussion forum as a post, not as an attached file.
  7. In addition, submit your initial proposal document to your instructor by the end of the workshop.
  8. Please note the relatively low point value of the initial report is not reflective of the time required or importance of this assignment. The assignment should be viewed as the total of the initial report posted and revised final report submitted and the combined total points for both steps. Further, your goal here is to provide your peer with a complete initial proposal so that you can receive valuable feedback to improve your revised final report.

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