General Environmental (PESTEL) Analysis

Topic: Group 1 Automotive, Inc. (NYSE: GPI) is an international Fortune 500 automotive retailer with automotive dealerships and collision centers in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil. Group 1 sells new and used cars and light trucks, arranges financial services, provides maintenance and repair services, and sells vehicle parts. Your Role: For this assignment, assume that you are a management consultant hired to analyze the company (Group 1 Automotive, Inc. (NYSE: GPI) and to give an honest and thorough assessment of the company’s environment and competitive situation. You are required to research the company, and the industry yourself, and to conduct the required analyses requested using the tools, theories, and ideas. General Environmental (PESTEL) Analysis This paper needs to include a complete analysis of the general external environment.

You should explicitly analyze how any trend you identify in each of the segments in the external environment may affect the industry. You need to explicitly state the implications. For example, if the industry you are analyzing is personal computers and you see an expanding economy in some emerging economies, but a recession and declining disposable incomes in other economies, your analysis should include how these trends are likely to influence the personal computer industry. Do not discuss specific companies in this section. At the end of this section, you need to identify the industry top two driving forces (DFs). A driving force is an external environment change (e.g. change in a governmental policy or emergence of a new breakthrough technology) which may significantly change the rule of the game in the industry competition.


You are required to provide appropriate references for all data and for all sources of information that you use in your analyses. For any source from the ‘web’, you also need to provide an appropriate reference as you would for any other cited reference (author, date, etc.). You also should include the date the URL was accessed and the entire web address to reach the cited materials. Please and to use the APA format. Sources: These are the ONLY sites to be used, and common knowledge Please keep the number of sources as minimum as possible, nothing more than 2 for sure, please try ONE:

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