For this discussion, imagine that you are the Director of the Rooms Division for the Xavier Hotel. You have been asked to lead a loss prevention taskforce, which is responsible for developing procedures that will limit the potential for lost time accidents. The corporate office has asked the taskforce to focus on three types of accidents: lower back injury, slip and fall, and getting struck by objects. As a first step, the taskforce will analyze the dangers inherent in housekeeping tasks.

For this discussion, you will develop a job safety analysis for housekeeping attendants. As you watch this week’s video, “Working as a Housekeeping Attendant,” look for examples of tasks that could be dangerous for a housekeeping attendant. Then create a discussion post that responds to the following prompts: 

1. Identify at least three duties—or basic job steps—that might expose housekeeping attendants to hazards that could lead to accidents. 

2. For each basic job step, identify the hazard(s) and describe how injuries might occur; remember to focus on lower back injury, slip and fall, and getting struck by objects. 

3. For each basic job step, propose strategies for preventing associated injuries by controlling the inherent hazards or by asking housekeeping attendants to use safe work methods.  

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