Description You have to write a research proposal about a tradition called Mummering in Newfoundland. This is a research paper that needs its research proposal to be written first. Please have a look at the file. Research Project Proposal (Due February 8): Your research proposal should include the following information. Use the format below, including numbered headings to structure your proposal. (You may use the research project proposal template, saved in Brightspace for your proposal.) 1) Tentative title 2) Descriptive portion that details the scope of your project. (1-2 paragraphs) This is the “heart” of your proposal. Briefly, but descriptively, summarize an answer to the question, “What is it all about?” Answer the “who, what, where, and how” questions. 3) Focus (1 sentence) What is the point of your project? What is the “so what” or “why”? • Think about a question you might answer with your project • What argument are you trying to make? 4) Informant Who will you interview? Why have you chosen to interview this person (what can they tell you about the tradition you don’t already know)? (Write 3-5 sentences explaining your choice) 5) Sources What potential academic sources will you use? (List a minimum of 2 academic; you may also include additional popular or media sources, if relevant) To determine this, conduct preliminary library and media research to see if the mention of your folklore topic has been made in either scholarly publications (articles or books) or in media (newspapers, TV, internet). You may not find materials directly related to your topic, so think about how you will analyze your materials? What genre(s) are you studying; is there scholarship that has analyzed a similar genre? Is there something you have read in class (or will read) that may apply? How can you apply someone else’s scholarship to your topic? Use this research to help compose your list of interview questions. 6) Documentation How will you document the tradition? 7) What questions will you ask? Write 5-10 questions you will ask your interviewee. 8) Planning a) Include a timeline of your work schedule. Work backwards from the due dates and think through the other responsibilities, events, and due dates you have. Be realistic as you set your goals. b) How are you going to record your interview? What equipment do you have? What do you need to secure?


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