Experimental Method Research Question The first research methodology is experimental


Experimental Method

Research Question

The first research methodology is experimental method and the research questions that aligns with this methodology: PLEASE ALSO STATE RESEARCH QUESTION TO BE ADDRESSED

LENGTH: 1-2 sentences

TIPS: This first tip relates to the remainder of the assignment. For this assignment, keep in mind that you are creating your own studies and should not review existing studies. Essentially, you are taking your study topic and variables and developing a study based on each of the three methods covered in class (true experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental). 

When stating your research question, make sure it is in actual question format. The research question should also highlight how the study is using a true experimental design. For example, “Does the meditation intervention cause a reduction in stress?”


The rationale for the purpose of experimental research based on the research question. 

LENGTH- 2-3 paragraphs

TIPS: Start off this section by stating the purpose of the study. This will be similar to the research question, but should not be in actual question format. Next, discuss how this study contributes to the literature, while highlighting why a true experimental design is needed (e.g., to show whether there is a causal relationship). Although the guidelines state that this should be 2-3 paragraphs, if you are able to condense this down into 1 well-articulated paragraph, that works for me! 

Data Collection

Data collected based on the experimental methodology and to answer the research question.

LENGTH: 1-2 paragraphs

TIPS: True experimental studies have an independent variable that is manipulated. Make sure to describe how the independent variable is manipulated, or if you are using groups, discuss what each group will experience (e.g., control group versus experimental group). Include how the dependent variable will be assessed (e.g., a survey, physiological markers like blood pressure, etc.). The methods used to collect your data should be set up in a way that will answer your research question.

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