ENG 107 Essay 1: Advanced How-to

Background: Both David Galef in “Myths We Live By, But Shouldn’t: A Writer’s Guide to Reality” and Richard Wright in “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch” offer methods of tackling problems and difficult, to varying degrees of severity, situations. Task: You will write your own how-to guide, your own description of how to tackle a particular problem or difficult situation. However, you cannot select a basic, simple topic; you must select a complex and compelling one. In other words, do not select a topic that one could resolve with a quick Google search. Get creative! You also must incorporate at least three pieces of evidence from Galef and/or Wright into your essay. Keep in mind that you need not craft an essay about writing rules or racial barriers, the authors’ topics, in order to do so. You can apply a piece of evidence from the article and/or essay to your own topic. For example, Galef writes, “Adjust the ratio to suit your own methods”; consider the many different scenarios in which this suggestion could apply.


Your essay should have an introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Introduction: Your introduction must provide background to the problem or situation; identify why this issue is in need of resolution or guidance. Craft a thesis statement that names the main components or steps of your plan or solution. Body Paragraphs: Each section of the paper should articulate a separate component or step of the approach and how to execute it. Show an awareness of problems that could arise with your approach and how to resolve those issues. A section means one or more paragraphs on the same topic. Begin each section with a topic sentence; use transitional words and phrases to move between ideas. Conclusion: Do not simply restate your thesis. Instead, identify why this approach is effective. Requirements: In addition to fulfilling the task requirements, this paper must be typed, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman font size 12. Maintain 1” margins throughout the paper. You must use the correct heading, which is posted on Moodle. Use the MLA heading for this assignment. The paper absolutely must be stapled—not paper-clipped, glued, etc.

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