Edit first lesson As a group, revise stage 3 for


Edit first lesson

As a group, revise stage 3 for all 2 lessons of one of the Curriculum Plan Units developed by one of your group members in your EDG 6250 course. Make sure you revise your unit following the guidelines below.

  1. Include all levels of Costa’s questioning techniques you have learned in this course (Level 1, 2 and 3 – mostly level 3 and 2). Every activity needs to include a questioning technique. I want to see questions that pushes students to think deeply. 
  2. Include a Visible Thinking Routine to each of your activities. Use the Making Thinking Visible textbook and the Visible Thinking Links to an external site.Routines website Links to an external site.provided to select the most appropriate routine for each experience. Remember that each routine has a specific purpose. Therefore, the VT routines you include in your activities have to be aligned with the purpose and objective of that activity.
  3. If you have received feedback on your unit from your EDE 6250 professor, make sure the unit is revised based on those comments.  
  4. Please strikethrough what you are deleting from the unit and highlight all questions and VT activities you add.

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