Ecological Footprint: ASSIGNMENT # 2 – Personal and Professional

The objective of this assignment is to assess your ecological impact on your immediate environment, and to reflect on what that means in global terms.

Length: 1,000 – 1,200 words (4 typewritten pages) plus illustration of process.

Structure: Please save your document as an MSWord file. Written part accepted either in essay or report format. Illustration of process could appear (as appropriate to your work) inside body of paper, or as an appendix.

References: use a minimum of 5 references: 3 at least must be peer-reviewed; any information taken from websites must be peer-reviewed or academic sources. For example, there are many peer-reviewed open-access academic sources such as the following database where you can access free scientific articles: (scroll to the top).

All information (in addition to the site itself), like date, author, publisher, etc., must be provided. Report or Essay format, with a minimum of five complete and credible references. See for a definition of credible sources and how to cite properly in APA format.

Brief description and rationale of assignment:

You are asked to use description, reflection and analysis to discuss how: (a) your personal impact on the environment, and (b) your chosen profession’s impact on the environment, relate to one another. You are also asked to (c) explain and illustrate a current scientific or technological process associated with a resource used either in your profession or in your personal life, and (d) propose an alternative process which offers a more positive solution to the environmental concerns you have described in (b) and (c).

Worth: 30% of total mark

Mark distribution: 10 marks for (a) and (b)

10 marks for (c)

10 marks for (d)

Loss of marks:

*up to -5 for grammatical errors, lack of coherence, and lack of structure.

*up to -10 for incomplete or incorrect references. If references are missing, either in the body of the paper or on the reference page, the paper will be considered plagiarized and will not be marked.

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