Read and critique the following academic paper:

Gill, A. Q., Henderson-Sellers, B., & Niazi, M. (2018). Scaling for agility: A reference model for hybrid traditional-agile software development methodologies. Information Systems Frontiers, 20(2), 315-341. https://search-proquest-com.proxy.cityu.edu/docview/2026838102?pq-origsite=summon&https://search.proquest.com/compscijour

Question: In my experience, there have been times when my organization has decided to mix traditional and agile methodologies in planning and managing IT projects. For example, it was decided to use the waterfall methodology for report creation and agile for all other aspects of the project in an ERP implementation. Please provide another possible example where mixed methodologies might be the appropriate way forward.


Review the articles below and provide a summary of your understanding of the message of the text in one paragraph.

This short essay should be 50 words (not including references) and you must provide evidence for your position using 1 academic or professional sources.

  • Stikeleather, J. (2018). Chapter 18: When Data Visualization Works and when It Doesn’t. In HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers (pp.177-182). Harvard Business Review Press.
  • Duarte, N. (2018). Chapter 19: How to Make Charts that Pop and Persuade. In HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers (pp. 183-190). Harvard Business Review Press.

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