Discussion Response Substantive response, further the conversation, and ask a

Discussion Response

Substantive response, further the conversation, and ask a question for a response

APA format

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed reference

175-265 words

Respond to the following peer:


Brittney Mizer

12:39 PM

When going over Fig. 1 on page 6, all outcomes spoke to me in some kind of way. The two that I would pick as the most important to me would be:

1.) Consider multiple perspectives about what it means to be a doctor and to be a patient.

2.) Recognize that professional formation is a continuous process that often shifts from situation to situation rather than a set of rules.

When your a patient obviously you don’t always agree with the doctor. however you need to be open minded as a patient that you did not go to medical school and that the doctor is trying to make sure they steer you in the right direction when it comes to treatment. This can include many appointments for blood work, x-rays, and or other appointments just to come to one conclusion for treatment. Although it is frustrating and time consuming and maybe even not on the cheapest of routes, all tests are done for reason and that is to keep you healthy. Same goes for doctors towards patients. Doctors need to go in understanding they will get some back lash but in the end just like with children, they will thank us later. I will be wanting to apply this in the medical profession but already think this way when it comes to running my business with my employees.

This kind of goes hand in hand with professional formation. Every situation faced in life is different, therefor the rules of professionalism are more like guidelines, you follow them the best you can and remember to think on a doctors perspective and a patients perspective before reacting.

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