Discussion 1 You’ll revisit your persuasive paragraph (Cyber Security) and

Discussion 1 

You’ll revisit your persuasive paragraph (Cyber Security) and contemplate the ongoing revision that happens in the writing process. You’ll also complete a reflection on your experience with the writing process over the course of the term. The direction for the assignment is uploaded below Eng. 123 Reflection Guideline and Rubric.

Discussion 2

This class is Intro to Community Health this is where you did the topic on vaccination.

Reflection Journal 

Reflect on what you have learned in this course, referring back to the Module One discussion.

  • What possible future careers may be of interest to you? ( behavior disorder and mental health counselor) Explain how these two careers interest you.
  • How has your interest changed during the previous eight weeks? 
  • What are your next steps as you consider future careers?

Discussion 3  

Complete the exercise, Interactive Analysis: Employee Development – Pay Equity. A transcript of this interactive exercise is uploaded below.


Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What are your feelings on a traditional salary structure (many levels) vs. simplified pay bands?
  • Have your thoughts on salary structure changed after this exercise?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using salary bands?

Discussion 4

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