Development Induced Displacement in Asia

Follow the instructions. There are 5 instruction and the outline has to be done according to these instructions. Topic: Development Induced Displacement in Asia. This will be a research paper outline and annotated bibliography for the research paper that is to be done at the end of the term. The topic is development induced displacement (not displacement due to violence or war or natural disaster). You can look at different reasons why the displacement may have occurred for example due to building a dam or road or development projects. Page limit: Minimum two pages, no upper bound on the number. Below is the instruction: •Citation style: APA •Your outline should include a paragraph identifying the topic of the research paper and the question your paper will be answering. If possible, include the argument of your paper. •Identify at least 10 academic sources (i.e. academic books or journal articles) that are relevant to your topic and are available through the Dalhousie Killam Library either electronically or in book form (or are available to you in some other complete format – i.e. not google books). Do not include items in the bibliography that you cannot access as they will be of no use to you. •Annotate three of the most useful sources. Annotations should briefly explain the main arguments of the source and how the source is useful for your paper (one short paragraph). •There must be at least 10 academic sources like academic books or journal articles from credible sources.

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