Develop a case study on a Corporate social responsibility activity

Develop a case study on a Corporate social responsibility activity for ” “. you will find all details in the website for reference. 

For your information, I will attached an example of an online case study to give you an example to start with the case study and make sure to write same similar format.  

Follow the below requirement

Purpose:  The purpose of this assessment is to provide an opportunity to participants for developing real-life case study of existing CSR activity by Saudi organization. 

Rationale: CSR Communications especially CSR Reporting is an important concept in the CSR curriculum. This assignment will test participant’s ability to report a real-life case study of a Saudi organization having CSR activity. 

Key Deliverables: You are required to develop an existing CSR case study by a Saudi organization on pre-determined format. 

Instructions: Read the general instructions before starting the case study. 

· Identify an organization /person practicing CSR.

· Identify an issue / problem which can be used to supplement the theory. 

· Write the case study in past tense.

· Maximum number of words allowed = 2000.

Contents: The case study must have three parts:

· Opening paragraph 

o Who is main protagonist

o Who the key decision maker is

o What is the problem/issue

o When the case took place

o Where the case took place – organization, city

o Why the issue or problem arose

· Body of case study 

o Tell the whole story – usually in a chronological order

o Typically contain, general background, business environment, company background, and details of specific issue.

o Use publically available information through official websites.

o Add tables and pictures as annexures. 

· Concluding paragraph 

o Provide a short synthesis of the case to reiterate the main issues or to raise new questions.

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