Darwinian evolution means that the gene pool is changed. Do

Darwinian evolution means that the gene pool is changed. Do you think the human race is continuing to evolve in a Darwinian, genetic sense? Are the genes of our species changing? Do not just write “yes” or “no,” but explain why you think so. In addition, include in your explanation of how the mechanisms of evolution, such as natural selection, would be at play.


My understanding of Darwin evolutionary theory would support the notion that the human gene pool has eveolved. One point of evidence to support this would be the average height of human beings in the past 100 years. Today Humans are 5% taller on average than 100 years ago

(Rosner, Appel, & Ritchie, 2019). Some may argue this is a result of better health and nutrition and while this may be a factor, in my opinion it is not the only factor. It could also be possible that better health and nutrition has been the catalyst that caused the Darwin evolutionary theory to potentially become present in this example of height difference.
The mechanisms of physical natural selection, I feel are being made less significant, as we grow into a more secure, and less enviromentally dominated personal evolution. An example is our medical technology. Many people who may not have lived long enough to produce progeny, or for the sucessive generation’s inherited health flaws to discontinue in further reproduction has been stiffled. My point is while this may not neccessarilly be a bad thing (there are many beneficial traits beyond physical health), these technological advances may have had an affect on the proccess of natural selection.

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