Cultural Artifact(one of the religious statue that writer choose) is

 Paper about on on a cultural artifact from your own life(something you’ve seen, heard, worn, used, etc.), connecting it to a recent course theme, idea, or concept. Using this opportunity to further explore what we have learned so far, you are encouraged to reference our course texts. Find linkages between your artifact and what we have been discussing in class. 1.Identify the artifact. (What is it? Where did it come from? What does it represent, and what is your connection to it? How is it used or seen in the world?) 2.Identify the course concepts/themes that you are relating to the artifact. This is a crucial component of your presentation. (Locate this artifact within the ideas of the class. How are you defining this as “dangerous”? What recent course vocabulary can be used here, and how? Explain and define the relevant vocabulary. What recent class texts might this artifact be placed in conversation with, and how? How does this artifact illuminate or complicate course ideas for you? #  use one of the religious statue as my artifact. Expalin explain how can religious statue influence and rule human’s mind or spirit. Also, explain how those changes of people’s spirit can cause serious damage to humanity. “Cultural artifact(One of the artifact that writer choose) can rules people’s mind is dangerous” should be the theme.

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