Chapter III: The Great Vision (actually, please start two pages

Chapter III: The Great Vision (actually, please start two pages earlier, the final section of Chapter II that starts “Black Elk Continues:”) Note: Read this chapter for a good overview; no need to focus on details, unless, of course, you are charmed by them

Chapter XIII: The Compelling Fear

Chapter XIV: The Horse Dance

Chapter XV: The Dog Vision

XVI: The Heyoka Ceremony

XVII: The First Cure

Thought Questions: What is your community or communities? Would you define it/them by age group, ethnic or gender identity, political philosophy, class, workplace, neighborhood, or another way (you can have more than one, and it can be as simple as “a community of my friends”) Pick one. Do you have a performance idea or two that might reveal, challenge, and/or embrace your community or a personal “vision” that you would like to contribute to it?

Class topics: Shamanism; Vision quests and creativity; Originality; Performance as healing/therapy

Due: Weekly letter

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