Chapter 10: Nervous System I: Basic Structure and Function: (100 points)

1. Discuss the basic functions of the nervous system in maintaining homeostasis (10 points).

2.  Describe the components of the central and peripheral divisions (10 points).

3.  Describe the structure of a neuron (10 points).

4.  Discuss the major supporting cells of neurons in the CNS and PNS (10 points).

5.  Compare and Contrast structural and functional classifications of neurons (10 points).

6.  Define a synapse and describe all of the events that occur at the synapse (10 points).

7.  Describe the action potential, its generation, and transmission of the action potential in the neuron (10 points).  

8.  Discuss concepts in neurophysiology such as EPSP, IPSP, summation, all-or-none law, and neuron regeneration (10 points).

9.  Discuss three common neurotransmitters of the PNS and its actions (10 points).  

10. Discuss three common neurotransmitters of the CNS and its actions (10 points).  

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