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 We are talking about our business me and my group. Our business is a healthy QSR (quick service restaurant) that offers the fad diets popular in the market now and we will be changing based on customers need. Also we will be offering delivery and all that. My part is the business model and value proposition, our business will be based in toronto Canada so any sources has to be related to toronto area. This is the goals and vision of the company to help you understand and also i will upload a picture of kindof what i need for the business model and vale proposition Description of the business or idea We are looking to introduce a healthy alternative for quick service restaurants, with emphasis on focusing on catering towards current and future fad diets. This would be a unique location because there are not currently any specific restaurants which cater directly towards the fad diets of today. We will also look to be a haven for consumers looking for healthier alternatives to conventional fast food restaurants. Mission Our mission is to provide quick, nutritious, delicious and affordable healthy meals which focuses on and caters to the on-trend diets of today and tomorrow. Vision We aim to empower and encourage consumers to take charge of their food and think about what they are eating. Objectives Become the leading Quick Service Restaurant in our target market. Provide a simplistic ordering process through use of a simplistic feature menu (not customizable to avoid decision and save time…) Beat out the competition by providing services not currently offered in the industry (I.e. drive-through, specific diet-based menu…) Goals Meet our target sales within the first 2 years of opening. Successfully create and update a menu which varies across current fad diets and change with the introduction of new fad diets.

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