Background of the place in 2 paragraphs in order to


Background of the place in 2 paragraphs in order to understand the problem that will be outlined in the study

Main problems

Solution to main problems

Recommended solution

Outcome expectations

 Instruction: 1)This is a research paper, it has to be as objective as possible

                    2)End of the paper should have a summary and a conclusion

                    3)Solution portion should be 70% of the paper.

                     4)This is a communication course and that every aspect of your paper should be anchored by communication principles and practices. 

                    5) Paper must have 5-10 references and the appropriate citations. 

                     6)Required to be 5 to 9 pages in length. 

                     7) APA format, double space, 12 font times new roman

                     8) Identify stakeholder and create unique message to each stakeholder group


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