Assume you have joined a new school as a substitute


Assume you have joined a new school as a substitute teacher. You must speed up with the lessons that have been taught and pick up the lessons where the other teacher left off. Your task includes preparation of lesson plans, goals, objectives, and designing assessments, taking into account the state standards. 

Review the following resources for writing goals and objectives and designing assessments:

Select a state standard that would be appropriate for the grade level and content area of your field experience.

need 1 to 2 learning objectives to meet the state standard you selected. Objectives should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely).

Create an assessment that measures the standard and learning objective(s) identified and includes options for differentiation, especially for learners with disabilities and language learning needs. Minimize any potential bias that might distort the assessment results. Identify what type of assessment it is (e.g., affective, objective, subjective, norm-referenced, criterion-referenced) and include a method for scoring.

Select any of the educational technology tools like interactive whiteboards, digital boards, or a SMART Board to include in your plans and assessments. Build in opportunities for active student engagement in their learning. Refer to The Smart Board for Teachers: Teaching Tips and Lesson Ideas from BrightHub Education to learn more about Smart boards.

need a 525- to 700-word plan for how you will do the following: 

  • Administer the assessment. 
  • Ensure the ethical use of the assessment and assessment data.
  • Analyze evidence of student learning.
  • Identify learner strengths and needs.
  • Provide descriptive feedback to both students and parents.
  • Promote learner growth and accountability. 
  • Analyze how integrating SMART boards in classrooms can enhance student learning.
  • Analyze your teaching practice and differentiate instruction in response to assessment results.
  • Document student learning. 

Submit your assessment and your plan.

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