Assignment: Select two sources you have listed on your bibliography,

Assignment: Select two sources you have listed on your bibliography, read them

carefully,  summarize them briefly, 

then perform an extended comparison and contrast of the sources.

Some additional notes on this assignment:

1. Your introduction should provide a context for the assignment by explaining 

what subject your two sources are discussing and by making a claim about 

how they are related (similar or different). That is, this assignment must be driven by 

a claim – your claim – about the connection between the two sources and why it 


2. Since one of the goals of the assignment is to practice incorporating outside 

sources, you must include at least one quotation and at least one paraphrase

(in bold), and you must include appropriate parenthetical citations. 

3. Include a Works Cited list with complete and proper MLA style citations

for the two sources you use in this assignment.

4. Your choice of the sources to discuss in this assignment will be key. Your goal in 

the assignment is to demonstrate that you can make connections between the various 

sources you have examined to date, so choose two that really are related in some 

clear way. These two sources don’t have to say exactly the same thing (or 

diametrically opposite things), and parts of one may be unrelated to parts of the 

other, but they must provide some way for you to argue for a connection between them (i.e., there must be a basis for comparison)

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