Assignment Description

Project Background

In Unit 4, you added the shopping cart and checkout experience to your project. In Unit 5, you will create a new page intended for use by employees of your organization rather than customers. The purpose of this page is to provide an interface to the Products table in the database. This allows employees to easily perform maintenance functions, including adding new products, removing old ones, and editing data and prices that have changed.

In this submission, you will add a new page to your existing project from previous units. You will configure the page to query the database’s products, display the current contents, and allow editing, deleting, and inserting new records (products).

To complete this assignment, follow the steps in the Instructional Guide linked below:

Unit 5 IP Instructional Guide

Unit 5 Project Deliverables

Your deliverable for the Unit 5 Individual Project is a ZIP containing your ASP project.

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