Assignment #1: Gus & Daisy 700 WORDS Follow assignment guidelines


Assignment #1: Gus & Daisy 700 WORDS

Follow assignment guidelines as noted in the syllabus.Gus, intending to kill his wife Daisy, purchased a gun and some bullets.  He also took out a large life insurance policy on Daisy with himself as beneficiary.  Later he feels ashamed for his actions and hides the loaded gun on the closet shelf with the safety off.  Daisy is home alone one night searching for her winter purse and knocks the gun off the shelf.  It goes off and she is seriously injured.  Daisy is able to call the police.  The police try to transport her to the hospital.  On the way to the hospital, the ambulance is hit by a drunk river and she is killed.  When Gus hears that his wife is killed, he goes to the local bar to celebrate.  Should Gus be held accountable for Daisy’s death?

In answering the question, discuss whether  there was a criminal act, state of mind, causation, resulting harm, principle of legality, necessary attendant circumstances and whether Gus could instead be charged with attempted murder and if so why? 


 Written Assignments – Topic Papers The students will be presented with scenarios that require a resolution by the student based on information in the textbook. Grades for problems will be based on the student’s ability to recognize and discuss the issue. Each assignment is worth 50 points. (50 points X 2 assignments = 100 total points). The ultimate answer is not as important as the student’s ability to recognize the issues and apply the law to the facts in the scenario. The response should include a statement of the law relevant to the issue and application of that law to the facts. These answers should be at least 700 words, doublespaced 12 point font, one inch margins. Students shall reference the text at least FOUR (4) times in each paper and include a word count and bibliography (i.e., formal citation of the textbook) at the end of the paper. Internet sources will not be allowed. References must ONLY come from the text. However, the references must be independent (no doubling up of references). Written assignments are designed to aid you in critically thinking about a variety of criminal justice topics and to get you engaged in the problem solving process. They may be utilized in the discussion board to stimulate dialogue and to prompt any questions you may have about the criminal justice system. Your responses should be thorough and scholarly. Avoid jargon and street language as you are completing each of the responses to these questions. For instance, “cop” is generally unacceptable, “police officer” is preferred. A person may be “mentally ill” or “legally insane,” not “nuts”. Complete responses must be submitted by 11:59 P.M. EST pm the date due by posting through Blackboard. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have correctly attached  the file and submitted the work 

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