As of this week, you would have studied sixteen chapters

As of this week, you would have studied sixteen chapters of business law, covering such area as:

  • An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Dynamic Business Law

  • The U.S. Legal System and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Constitutional Law

  • Criminal Law and Business

  • Tort Law

  • Real, Personal & Intellectual Property

  • The Law of Contracts & Agreements

  • Secured Transactions & Bankruptcy

  • Forms of Business Organizations

  • Employment and Discrimination Law

  • Consumer Law

For this case study assignment, you are being asked to reflect upon the business law areas studied in this business law course.  

You will research current legal issues in the world of Business Law by focusing upon current legal issue(s)/cases facing specific industries/companies in the news today.  

You will be asked to develop a truncated brief of a case (see “How to Brief Cases and Analyze Case Problems”).

At a minimum, provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Key Players and InterestsWho are the key players and what are their interests? Interests include needs, wants, desires, concerns, and fears. 

  1. Facts and AssumptionsWhat are the key facts and assumptions necessary for understanding this case study? Facts include key events that impact decision making. Assumptions are the best guess about the current or future situation that is assumed to be true in the absence of facts. 

  1. Problem Identification:  What are the main issues or problems facing the key players?

  1. Company/Industry & Area of Law:  try being Studied/Business Law area being covered in this case study (Could be more than one.

  1. In your opinion and legal reasoning, which side has the stronger legal argument/case.

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