As a lead educator at ABC Early Learning, you will create a curriculum web/map to brainstorm curriculum ideas and enhancements for your age group and setting. You will need to share your strategies and ideas with your team of educators to help inform their practice.


In a Word document, create a curriculum web/map in a SmartArt diagram to indicate where and how students will be exposed to language in your age group for your program. Include:

The word “LANGUAGE” in the center of the web/map.

At least five (5) curriculum activity areas for your age group and facility (i.e., blocks, art, science, manipulatives, dramatic play, library, outdoors, sensory, etc.)

A category for family engagement and communication

Course Name:  Early Childhood Language and Literacy Learning 

On a second page in the same document, write an explanation that includes the following for EACH ACTIVITY AREA in the map:

At least three (3) developmentally appropriate strategies or ideas that detail what you can include to enhance or encourage expressive and receptive language development specific to your age group (Example: using language strategies, conversation, and open-ended questions in conjunction with visuals, books, audio, and play-based activities/materials)

Rationale for your choice of strategies

Submission Requirements

Include an appropriate title on your document. Using professional language and proofread your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.


Curriculum Web/Map Diagram

40% of total grade

Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement

Curriculum Web/Map diagram included at least 5 activity areas that were all developmentally appropriate, and it included one category for family engagement and communication.

Strategies for Each Activity Area

50% of total grade

Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement

For each activity area, at least 3 strategies or ideas for enhancing or encouraging language development were thoroughly explained. Complex rationale for strategy choice was provided.

Grammar, Spelling, and Professional Language

10% of total grade

Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement

Minimal to no spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Language was professional.


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