APA format, in-text citation, references include, template part 1 attach in case if needed

FILL OUT TEMPLATE 2 ATTACHMENT TO THIS FILE ( 2 ideas for each of the category)

– 2 ideas for ALL PHASES, 2 ideas for INITIAL RESPONSE, 2 ideas for Short-term Response,…..

Longer-term Recovery (4 weeks after the storms) 

It is now 4 weeks after the storms. The building has been cleaned up and major repairs have been made, though much remains to be done. It is hard finding contractors who charge reasonable rates. 

Most residents have returned. However, some families have filed lawsuits against the facility, charging negligence. Some of the residents with mental disabilities are exhibiting signs of confusion and on occasion, panic. 

The information technology group is pretty burned out because one problem after another cropped up and procedures weren’t documented or understood. The database for the management systems for Finance and Human Resources finally got restored from a 3-week old backup, and then clerical staff from the finance and human resources area tried to re-enter the missing data manually. 

Staffing is returning to normal, but staff members in many departments are very stressed out. Morale is not good. 

After-Action Review 

Within 6 weeks after the incident, an after-action report needs to be submitted to the Board of Directors. 

Before you start writing your after-action report, read the information at the end of Part 1 called D. Longer-term Recovery. 

TO DO: Collaborate and Report 

The team of directors needs to perform an after-action review of all the areas. Consider these questions: 

1. List things that did not go well in each phase and speculate on the root causes of why there were problems. 

2. What things were done well in each phase? Speculate as to why. 

3. What mitigations can be put in place to prevent or minimize problems in the first place? 

4. What preparations for response and recovery need to be implemented? 

Fill out the template for Part 2 of your report. The end of the template has a place to list your references used in both Part 1 and Part 2, an appendix for any optional additional information you would like to include. The end of the template also has the Statement Attesting to Original Work with a place for signatures for everyone in the study group. Also: Stay in your roles as directors at the company; do not do an after-action review of the Study Group. 

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