Analyze the use of satire as a means of social critique in Jonathan

1. Your essays must be double-spaced and follow the standard essay format. You must use Times New Roman 12 point font or the default in word. 2. You are not required to do research for this essay. However, if you intend to include research sources, you must correctly cite your sources using MLA documentation. Also, please include in-text citations for any quotations that you include from the texts. Therefore, needs a work cited page because we are using quotes from the text!

3. Introduction – introduce the author and strong thesis to introduce arguments so the reader knows where the essay will be going. 4. Spelling and Grammer and Style important, no 5 paragraphs even though short word count 5. Primary texts (literary texts), in-text-citations = quotes. It is important that for every argument made, you must use quotes to prove it and integrating the quotes is key! 

#Analyze #satire #means #social #critique #Jonathan

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