Along with several other sub-contractors, you have been given a

Along with several other sub-contractors, you have been given a six-week timeframe to evaluate and analyze the strategic needs of Enterprise X and present a plan to propel the company into a strategic shift for global presence and interconnectivity centered participation in the Information Systems marketplace. The current profile of the company and the vision of the owners and executives will guide you through this process. Ultimately, your knowledge and experience in Corporate Information Systems Management will guide your decision-making process as you study the project and prepare your proposal for a new corporate strategy. If successful, you will be hired to lead the company in its evolution toward your strategic plans.

Enterprise X

Enterprise X has been in the business of providing Information Systems and Information Technology (IS/IT) services as well as an array of software applications to small corporations for under market fees. The company was started before the turn of the century when many small corporations began to understand the benefits that the power of computing could provide them with, and when small to mid-range computing was becoming affordable to small businesses. A decade later, the introduction of Web-based operations helped the company achieve national prominence, but the corporate strategy remained conservative and risk averse. However, competition is forcing this now medium-sized company to contemplate global presence and even consider the possibility of an IPO.

Enterprise X is ready for a major strategic shift. The company has sub-contracted a team of corporate strategy experts to come up with an objective and technically sound new corporate strategy. You are among those selected to compete for the job of leading the company into the future. If successful, your strategy will put you in the radar screen of Corporate Strategy experts worldwide; and you will receive a sizable signing bonus.

Project Deliverables

Use the information provided, make assumptions, and conduct research to address the challenges of the project as if you were presented with a real-world business challenge. Each week you will meet with the corporate team assigned to work with you to discuss aspects of a new corporate strategy that you will be working on that week. At the end of each week you will present the corporate team with a position paper (completed as part of the Research component of the assignment) describing your findings, suggestions, and recommendations for the aspects of the strategy that you are presented with. You will also prepare a Power Point presentation summarizing those aspects of the new corporate strategy under development. At the end of the five-week process you will present your strategic plan for Enterprise X to the corporate team and the rest of the sub-contractors competing with you for the key position of Corporate Information Systems Manager.

Good luck with the project and may the best candidate win!

Part A. Research Component: Corporate Strategy Model

With respect to the Course Project scenario, consider what it will take to make the needed changes to the corporate business strategy for Enterprise X. In order to do so, you plan to propose strategic shifts in order to increase profits and minimize expenses while migrating to a global position and putting the company on the path to (IPO) going public.

Based on what you have learned so far about Enterprise X’s operations, analyze the strategic needs of the company and offer preliminary suggestions for how to improve the current hybrid business strategy by examining each of the four key approaches—enhance, expand, extend, and exit—as they relate to the products and services that the company offers, as well as the projected opportunities that internetwork and globalization will offer. Justify your ideas with references from the literature and the Web and if possible refer to case studies.

To submit your assignment:

  • Use Microsoft Word to write a 750- to 1000-word position paper that describes your findings and recommendations.
  • You may include diagrams and illustrations to enhance and/or clarify your position on the technical issues addressed.
  • Follow APA guidelines to write the report and cite your sources as appropriate.
  • Save the report as: SU_MIS6020_W1_Lastname_Firstinitial.docx and submit it to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

Part B. Proposal Component: Strategic Shift

You have already researched pertinent issues and prepared a Position Paper that will guide you in presenting your proposed strategy for Enterprise X. Now you must also prepare the first part of your strategy proposal where you will present your vision for Enterprise X. You will demonstrate understanding of the challenges ahead for Enterprise X by analyzing the following issues with respect to the planned strategic shifts as described in your Position Paper. You are building the case for the new strategy by analyzing the corporation itself:

  1. The corporate staff that will be responsible for implementing the new strategy
  2. The geographies where the company will operate based on the planned global expansion
  3. The new and existing services and applications that will be offered

Keep in mind that each week you will work on a new component of your proposal presentation and, combined, these weekly presentations will become your final project proposal that will be published to the class in Week 5. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with five to ten charts covering the aspects of your strategy described above.

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