After the Constitution was written in Philadelphia, it was up to the states to ratify.  Ratification of the Constitution kicked off a heated debate in the states over the merits of the new Constitution.  Anti-Federalists were alarmed about the new Constitution while Federalists tried to convince others of it’s merits.  After reading this week’s primary sources (see the assignment), please answer the following questions in three paragraphs (you may also use the reading questions to guide your writing).  

1. Anti-Federalist perspective – explain the ideas about government expressed by Mason and Henry as well as their fears about the new Constitution

2. Federalist perspective – how did Madison attempt to persuade others that the new Constitution would be better for the United States?

3. Personal reflection – Do you agree or disagree with the statements made by the Anti-Federalists and Federalists?  Which side do you think you would be on in this debate?  Why? 

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