After completing the Personal Decision Style Questionnaire and reviewing your results, please post a 200-250 word response to the questions below:

  • What style(s) did the test reveal that you have?
  • What style did you think you had before taking the test?
  • What do think are the strengths or the limitations of your style(s)?
  • Do you think it would be beneficial to work on teams with other styles?


  • What orientation(s) did your test reveal?
  • Is this result consistent with what you believe about yourself?
  • Does your orientation influence how you approach group work? How?
  • Might your orientation influence your career choice or job performance? How?


  • Based on this questionnaire, what was your most predominant leadership style? Is this consistent with what you would have predicted in advance?
  • Refer to pages 465-466 in the text. According to situational leadership theory, in what kinds of situations would this style be most appropriate? Have you ever found yourself in such a situation, and if so, how well did you do?
  • Do you think that it would be possible for you to change this style if needed?

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